How to Start Running

So, school has started for me. If you read my Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes post, you’ll know how I felt about going. The good news is: it’s still summer! Summer for me means warm weather, ice cream, and running. (Oh, speaking of ice cream, has anyone else tried Talenti’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookie gelato? That stuff is like, glory. Try it. Even my raisin hating family loved it.) I don’t know why I’m discussing sweets in a post about running. Well, we all run for sweets right? I’m not right? Oh.


Running is one of my favorite activities, and I want to share what made it a successful (and fun) experience for me. It should not be a miserable experience. Though it might feel like it is when you first start…

Think positive!

  1. Take it slow. You will not be able to run 3 miles on your first day. You probably won’t even be able to run one. No rush. Don’t go super easy on yourself, but know your limits. 
  2. Know why you are running. Are you running for fitness? Health? Are all of your friends running? Try to push these reasons aside at the start. Just run. Run only for yourself, and don’t focus on weight loss, or heath. That’s the wrong attitude to go running with.
  3. Invest in good shoes. Good shoes are key. Running with blisters is about as fun as dancing barefoot on a cactus. I have Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 shoes. (Fancy name right?) They’re lightweight, sturdy, and stylish. 
  4. Eat enough of the right foods. You can’t run on candy or carrot sticks.Consume an adequate number of calories. Eat plenty of carbohydrates for fast energy while you are running, and have some protein afterwards to help repair your muscles. Don’t forget dessert. It is an essential in anyone’s healthy diet. 
  5. Hydrate! Drink water! (Duh.) You sweat a lot while you run so drinking (water) is very important. Drink before and after your workout. People always say to drink during too but I don’t want to carry water ahaa… If you are dehydrated while running, you will most likely feel dizzy and miserable until you faceplant on the trail, sidewalk, or asphalt.  DRINK UP. 

I have many more tips that I would absolutely love to share with you but I have to go organize my school stuff. Yay. Also, many of my other tips are um, weird. I have some running horror stories that I could share too. Every runner does I’m sure. You just might not want to hear them.

But I’m almost positive you’ll experience what I’m talking about when you start running. Running has high moments, and low moments. Good luck*.

*You don’t need luck to be a good runner. Keep at it.


2 thoughts on “How to Start Running

  1. “I have some running horror stories that I could share too. Every runner does I’m sure. You just might not want to hear them.”
    –Are you kidding? Of course I (we?) want to hear them! Another great post. Thanks for the tips (makes me want to go run right now!) and the heads-up about Talenti (did you know I happen to love ice cream and gelato?)!


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