Random Thoughts #2

So I was going to post a post about peach pie.

But I didn’t.

That should come tomorrow or a bit later in the week, because my brain is totally fried. So much homework, oh my goodness yuck ahh. It’s funny how gross things totally ruin your day. Actually it’s not funny at all.

At this current moment I’m lying on a massive pile of laundry that is waiting to be folded.

What a day!

And now I’m looking at my word count and it says 86 words. As I gaze philosophically into the distance, I wonder who the heck would want to read this bizarre post about absolutely nothing. But hey, this blog is about recipes, running, AND real life so, I’m going to be obnoxious and write about nonsense. Real life is full of nonsense sometimes. We all have our days.

I just hope you had a good one today.



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