Life and Random thoughts #3

Dear, dear me. I’m not going to sit and weep and apologize for not posting in ages, because why would I do that? I’m cutting myself a nice break because its my first year of high school, and if you know anything about freshman year… It’s darn hard to settle in. I really enjoy it. Except for geometry. Geometry is by far the worst thing ever. Especially when your teacher sucks you are bad at math in general. I’m trying really hard to cut my teacher some slack, because I hate my math teachers every single year…
On a better note, running helps keep my fury down to a normal level. This weekend I have off because our varsity team is running in California. I hope they’re having fun frolicking around in the sand. (They probably aren’t. Meets are stressful as hell).

Anyways, there’s my school life for ya. But guess what. Guess what time of year it is?


Truly the most wonderful time… Of the year! I’ve been browsing the internet for more pumpkin recipes galore. Oh! And Halloween recipes. So excited guys. Oh speaking of Halloween food, have you seen the Halloween whopper from Burger King? It truly looks horrific! Eating black dye is so good for you! Yay…

I’m thrilled that Halloween is approaching. I have a lot of sweet treat plans for y’all so stay tuned. I think I might host a fun little Halloween party, which means sugar everywhere. I might even throw some healthy recipes in this month. (What? Ew!) If I do post healthy things, they will be delish, I swear.

I hate gross healthy things.

Who doesn’t?

🙂   Have a lovely weekend. Rest, plan for Halloween, run, do whatever.

(I’m probably gonna be browsing Pinterest for like ten hours but… Shhhh…)


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