So you’re here. The About page.

Hi, I’m Grace. I’m a normal, teen girl who loves to run, cook (eat), and write stories in my head. I live in Northern Arizona, near a rio (hence the blog title). I decided to start this blog after my mostly failed attempt of having a journal.  My journal attempt had recipes, random thoughts, and real life in it, but it felt soulless. When my only audience is myself, I sound nothing like me because I can’t help but pretend to be someone else. When my audience is the public, I don’t want to babble on sounding like a bubbly, loud person, because I’m not (and I don’t want to lie to everyone). I’m hoping my blog will be a good way to express myself and share my passions with the world.

My love for cooking started pretty recently, which means I am NOT the best cook in the world. If a recipe is difficult, I will make it very clear, because I know that horrible feeling after you used a whole day to make a vile tasting meal that wiped your pantry clean. Urg. I taste and approve everything on this blog (it has to be good for me to share it), but that does not mean you will like it too. I like weird foods. “Peanut butter and pepper jelly sandwich, anyone?” My all time favorite foods are peanut butter, granola, and French bread. I am a vegetarian and I eat gluten, dairy, and eggs, which means I am completely ignorant on the subjects of gluten free and vegan baking. Most of my cooking knowledge has come from the Internet, The Joy of Cooking, and my amazing parents. I love good quality, flavor filled food, and cooking at home is the easiest way to get it. Oh and by the way, these recipes did not all come from my head, though I wish they did. I will cite wherever the recipe came from.

I also love to run. I started only abut a year ago, and I did it for the sole purpose of staying in shape. With the ugh I gotta run to stay fit attitude, it was a pretty difficult and miserable experience. I could only run a mile without stopping, and I struggled the whole time. But I kept at it. I found myself getting stronger and stronger with each run, and I gained tons of confidence. My attitude shifted. Running became a joy rather than a burden, and after school runs were something I could look forward to. I continue to run today and can now run up to 4-5 miles without stopping (yay). If you’ve never run before I strongly suggest starting; it keeps you healthy not only physically, but mentally too. Running is the best mood lifter.




My nutcase dog

      Now that I’ve droned about the boring stuff, you can read the fun facts. I have two cats named Pinecone and Wickety, a big dog named Mexico, and two chickens that we call Chicken Little and Chicken Big. Creative, I know. I have one older sister that is obsessed with Game of Thrones and Hobbit holes. I love Game of Thrones too. My mom is a lover of baking and reptiles and my dad is an outdoor enthusiast. I enjoy gardening, reading, and playing with my pets during my free time. I hate homework (who doesn’t?), but sorta enjoy school. I like learning, but I’d rather be cooking, running, and sharing my random thoughts.


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