Pumpkin Failures

Eyeballs are flashing.

How’s that for a spooky sentence? It scared me.

Actually, eyeballs are flashing in my window. Rad Halloween decor 101. You need to see them soon… but I can’t find my mom’s camera, so just visualize spooky eyes. Yeah.

As I stated last post, I plan to share pumpkin recipes this fall season. Well, as you can see, there are no new posts on pumpkin, so I will share my failures.

I tried making pumpkin French toast. Very dry, not pumpkiny enough. I plan on making it again soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Haha, eyes.


I also attempted pumpkin soup. Not bad, but I put way too much ginger in it, and it lacked flavor. I’m working on it.

If all else fails, I can always make pumpkin smoothies, because those rock.

Anyways. Holy cow I have great news! I was bumbling around Sprouts, then spotted some candy corn. Although they are my favorite candy, I’ve been avoiding them because of the gelatin. But.. they had no gelatin! Three cheers! Vegetarians rejoice!

I have to eat dinner lovely people. Halloween is coming…